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From the heart (no fundo do coração [Portuguese])

By Nora Roberts:
Source: (2017). Do Fundo do Coração - Nora Roberts em [online] Available at: [Accessed 16 Jul. 2017].

Book translated into Portuguese by Isabel C. Penteado. It's three novels by Nora Roberts: «tonight and always (uma última noite [Portuguese])», a matter of choice (uma questão de escolha [Portuguese])», and «endings and beginnings (fins e recomeços [Portuguese])».
«Tonight and always» is a beautiful novel. The story is written with love and passion, and first published in July 1983. Nora Roberts manages to put sweetness in what she writes. The story is captivating because there is a detailed description of the feelings, the decoration of the house, ... everything is beautiful and rich. The characters are good-looking. It's a typical plot with action, pain and a happy ending. Some quotes:
  • «(...). The sophisticated clothes and manners were offset by a certain sensuousness around the mouth. She liked the contrast. He was built like a tennis player, (...). Good shoulders, trim, strong hands. (...).»
  • «(...). She had a filling there was a temper under the cool sophistication. She knew, from reading his books, that he was intelligent. (...).»
  • «(...). He's brilliant, conservative, successful. Incredibly sexy. (...).»
  • «"We'll make love soon or later, you know."» Jordan said to Kasey.
  • «(...). She would not, could not, involve herself emotionally or physically with a man unless there was a firm base. (...).»
  • «(...). There was a vibrant sensuality about her that she did nothing to accentuate. She rarely wore anything but the most casual clothes and almost never bothered with even the most basic cosmetics.»
  • «(...) some [Plains Indians] practiced self-mutilation to get into a trance and receive visions.» Kasey said to Jordan.
  • «"(...). The money is very good, Jordan. (...). But tends to blur reality."»
  • «(...). He is not bound by social conventions as I thought. There is a strong rebellion beneath that social politeness. (...).»
  • Palm Springs, Riverside County, California, United States:
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Source: NC Palm Springs Trip. Ncmodernistorg. Available at: Accessed November 1, 2017.
  • «(...). Feeling useful was essential to herself.»
  • «"(...). There is nothing like the love of a child. Children don't impose conditions on their emotions. They just give. They have a purity that we lose when we grow up. (...)."» Kasey said to Jordan.
  • «(...). "Life is like a mustache, it can be good or bad but it always tickles."» Jordan said to Harry.
  • «(...). Even when I leave here and I walk away from him, I'll never be free again. Love binds us together (...).»
  • «(...). We should always finish what we started (...).»
  • «(...). Why no one bothers to talk to this child? (...). She absorbs the words like a sponge.»
  • «"(...) tonight is very cold. White is not used when it is cold."» Beatrice said to Kasey.
  • «(...) there were long hours of idleness, and she [Kasey] had never been able to cope well with it.»
  • «(...). Emotions clouded her intuition and she could not see clearly. (...).»
  • «(...). Her [Allison] ability to feel was far greater than any other person he knew. Would not it mean that her ability to suffer would be equally great? (...).»
  • «(...). Where she [Kasey] loved, she was vulnerable, and where it was vulnerable, the mind had no control. (...).»
  • «(...). There were lights and people and the muffled noise of traffic. She was perplexed about how she had missed from the visions and smells of humanity. She had felt the need for noise and movement.»
  • «(...). So many people, so much life. (...).»
  • «"The widening schism between elitist and popular literature has made it difficult for the average person to enjoy light, entertaining reading without feeling guilty."» Kasey said.
  • «"She told me that you were (...) a charming man, especially when you forget to be educated." (...)/(...)./"Why don't you kiss me again like you kissed me at the party, like a dominant male?"» Kasey said to Jordan.
  • «"(...). Nothing can go wrong with a unicorn. (...)."» Kasey said to Jordan.
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  • «"I'm here at work, Mrs. Taylor, and I'm not anyone's maid unless I want to."» Kasey said.
  • «Jordan thought he would not like to have to share her. (...). Jealousy was a new sensation to him. (...).»
  • «"(...). An archaeologist is who studies the life and culture of ancient people excavating ancient cities, relics, artifacts. An anthropologist is the one who studies races, physical and mental characteristics, population distributions, habits, social relations." (...).» Kasey said to Liz.
  • «"(...). You walk into a room and everyone looks at you, including me."» Jordan said to Kasey.
  • «(...). It was so hard to be strong when he was kind. (...).»
«A matter of choice», first published in May 1984, is a police novel with a love story between two socially different people, but both alone and in need of mutual comfort. It was another fascinating novel by Nora Roberts. She knows how to create exciting, vibrant scenes that make a woman's heart pop with recognition. Some quotes:
  • «(...). It was only the nouveau riche who went in for ostentation. (...).»
  • «(...). Jessica had too much drive, too much energy, to drift. Once she had decided to start a business, she'd moved quickly. Then that same drive and energy had made it work. (...).»
  • «The fingers that had gripped her arm had been strong. His build had been wiry. (...). There was something... hard in his eyes. Yet she hadn’t been repelled or frightened but drawn. Even when he’d looked at her for those first three or four seconds, with that intensity that seemed to creep beneath her skin, (...). Safe, (...). He’d made her feel safe. (...). Why should she suddenly feel safe when she had no need for protection?»
  • The writing desk, the Queen Anne:
Source: Blog - Patrick Sandberg Antiques. Antiquefurniturenet. Available at: Accessed November 14, 2017.

  • «"When you want something badly enough, and you don’t give up," (...), “you get it.” Jessica said to Slade.
  • «(...) This chair was Chippendale (...). This cabinet was French Baroque—in satinwood, gilded and carved. (...).

Chippendale chairs

Source: Child's Chippendale Chair 3/4. Laurel Crown Furniture. Available at: Accessed November 14, 2017.

French Baroque cabinet
Source: Louis XIV style (Baroque). Pinterest. Available at: Accessed November 14, 2017.
  • «It’s the way he [Slade] looks at me, Jessica decided, as if he could see what I’m thinking. (...).»
  • «(...) He [Slade] had such long, lean fingers. Strong. She [Jessica]’d liked the look of them. Now, she caught herself wondering how they would feel on her body. Competent, experienced, demanding. (...).»
  • «"(...). It’s sensible to make a career out of something you know and appreciate, don’t you think?"» Jessica asked Slade.
  • «(...) If he could have her, even once, the ache would go. Slade could almost convince himself of that. He needed to touch that butter-soft skin, experience that promise of passion, then he’d be free of her. (...).»
  • «(...) He’s quicksand, (...). You’ll never get away if you take that final step. And yet the risk tempted her.»
  • «(...) Arousal was too tame a word, excitement too bland. Jessica felt a frenzy, a burst of energy that could only be tamed by possession./Touch me! (...). Take me! It’s never been like this and I can’t bear to lose it. (...).»
  • «(...). “Do you think women always dress to stir men up?”/“Don’t they?”/“Normally I dress for myself.” (...)».
  • «“Have you had many lovers?” (...)./(...)“I imagine you have,” (...). “You’re a very physical man.” (...).»
«Endins and beginnings», a novel first published in January 1984: when I think Nora Roberts' imagination has run out, she ends up surprising me with another wonderful story. Her stories always have a happy ending. She has a huge ability to describe feelings, especially love. She also supports the plot with solid information about the characters and scenarios.